Senior, Tyler Kimble, Crowned Mr. Haverford in this year’s Haverford’s Finest Competition


Senior escorts, Gabrielle Gentile and Amira Gallagher, flank Mr. Haverford 2017, Tyler Kimble, in the conclusion of the event.

Sarah Crispin

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Senior, Tyler Kimble, was crowned this year’s winner after his “Haverford’s Finest Challenge Challenge” talent which featured mini challenges including a “chubby bunny” marshmallow eating competition, the cinnamon challenge, a number of dance challenges, and his rendition of “Bringing Sexy Back.”

The sold out crowd cheered on the 8 seniors and 2 juniors in this year’s Haverford’s Finest Competition on Friday, April 21st. Seniors Josh Cunningham, Scott Hayward, Tyler Kimble, Kevin Odgers, Matt Phillips, Annie Roe, Brendan Sutcliffe, and Cullen Wilson along with juniors Michael Kim and Nicky Mottola participated in the group dance, individual entrance, video, and talent categories.

The contestants raised $384.10 collectively for Haverford’s Best Buddies program, with this year’s Mr. Penny, Matt Phillips, single-handedly raising $119.07.


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