From library to gallery: the AP Art show gives the library a makeover


Colin McCrossan

A look at Junior Bridget Murray’s artwork from the show. Murray is also apart of The Fordian which should make you want to go even more!

Colin McCrossan, AP Art Show Enthusiast

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The AP Art Show Into the Amazon is tomorrow at 6:00 in the library, and today, all of the AP artists, fellow art students from other classes, friends, and parents helped to set up for the show. The Library has been effectively transformed into the space of an art gallery, as tables, chairs, and other obstacles have been moved out of the way to make room for the art, artists stations, and other features of the show.

Giving the room dedicated to books a makeover Friday afternoon, the AP Art students worked with other students, parents, and teachers to get everything into place for tomorrow night. This included stacking and moving chairs, setting up art, deciding how individual artist stations would look, and also where the other parts of the show would be. After putting in so much time and effort making pieces, and organizing how the show will come together, today was finally the day where AP Art students could really get a feel for what their culminating show would be like by moving everything into place.

Besides the display of the wonderful productions, the show features tons of donated food situated in the hallway outside the library, and live music provided and organized by the radio station WHHS 99.9. The Fordian got access into the space whilst it was being set up and captured some moments in time that we provide for you below. Some are of art, students, and the overall space, but remember, to get the full experience you really just gotta go see the show in person. Again, opening reception is tomorrow night at 6:00 p.m. Admission for students is $3 and general is $5.

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