Teachers go unplugged to preview ‘Rockin’ the Schoolhouse’ event

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Teachers Ian Althouse, Kim Zeoli, Jon Reiff, Michael Mullen, Steve Peterson, Brian Gibson, and Charlie Withers brought acoustic music to the commons area to preview the ‘Rockin’ the Schoolhouse’ show that will take place later in the year, benefiting  the “BLAST”.

Sponsored by WHHS 99.9, Haverford’s radio station, the teacher acoustic show took place on Thursday, February 12th and featured many of Haverford’s most musical teachers. The event was called Teachers Unplugged and it offered a glimpse of the teachers without the rock background that comes with the Rockin’ the Schoolhouse event.

Rockin’ the Schoolhouse is an annual event that for the past few years has raised a considerable amount of money to benefit the after senior prom school endorsed party, the “BLAST.” Costs for the BLAST run high because of the elaborate displays and activities that take over the halls of Haverford as well as prizes such as Ipads and other electronic equipment.

Middle and High school teachers from all subject areas join together in the name of music to put on an all night show that raises funds and also gives a glimpse into the secret talents of many teachers. The ‘unplugged’ event Thursday was the first one and was relatively successful with a decent crowd attending. The main event of ‘Rockin’ the Schoolhouse’ will be held in April and will feature the same teacher performers and more.


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