Haverford Drama Club presents Urinetown: The Musical


Sophia Khan

The full ensemble of Urinetown gathers for the finale.

Sophia Khan, Editor-In-Chief

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Haverford Drama Club returns to live performance on the Haverford stage with the fall show, the musical Urinetown. This creative musical opens with the omniscient narrator, Police Officer Lockstock, played brilliantly by Senior Ellis Singleton. Lockstock provides the audience with a brief backstory, explaining that a drought has forced the people of the town to pay to pee. Singleton brings the character of Officer Lockstock to life with a captivating voice and hilarious expressions. As the scene changes, the audience sees a line of people waiting to use the bathroom, demonstrated by very convincing squirms from the ensemble. Running the Public Amenity #9 is Ms. Penelope Pennywise, played by Senior Sylvia Waldron, and Bobby Strong, played by Junior Nicholas Borgesi. 

Ms. Pennywise (Senior Sylvia Waldron) shows her sass as the boss of Public Amenity #9. (Sophia Khan)
The line of citizens waiting to use the amenities break into dance as they sing the titular song, “Urinetown.” (Sophia Khan)

When Bobby watches his father get sent to “Urinetown” for relieving himself at will, he feels anger at the tyrannic system. The system is run by Caldwell B. Cladwell, played by the ever-expressive Senior Michael Selfridge, at the Urine Good Company (UGC), with the help of his daughter, Hope Cladwell, brought to life by Senior Emma Swantak. Selfridge and Swantak have a hilarious chemistry on stage, feeding off each others’ powerful voices. 

However, the musical is quick to include romance, when Hope meets Bobby on the street and the two have a deep moment, punctuated with moments of humor. Swantak and Borgesi create a touching bond that the audience can practically feel. 

Hope Cladwell (Senior Emma Swantak) and Bobby Strong (Junior Nicholas Borgesi) share a moment about following one’s heart. (Sophia Khan)
Caldwell B. Cladwell (Senior Michael Selfridge) introduces himself with a catchy number. (Sophia Khan)

From here, the musical takes a wildly unpredictable turn, where the lighthearted jokes and songs cover up a darker meaning. Officer Lockstock and Little Sally, played by Senior Cassidy Komar, periodically break the fourth wall to remind the audience that the musical is a satire that pokes fun at traditional Broadway musicals and even ‘Urinetown’ itself, as well as human intentions. The musical discusses diminishing resources and human denial, all while singing and playing happy music. The ending is startling, but the joyful songs and dancing are quick to distract the audience. 

Officer Lockstock (Senior Ellis Singleton) and Little Sally (Senior Cassidy Komar) break the fourth wall as they discuss what “Urinetown” really is.

Urinetown, while having a rather unappealing title, is a riot (and contains one!) that is sure to keep the audience laughing while simultaneously contemplating their lives. Urinetown opens this Thursday, November 11th, and will run through Saturday, November 13th. It will have both an in-person production and a virtual option. You can get your tickets at https://www.showtix4u.com/events/20549

Officer Lockstock (Senior Ellis Singleton) and Officer Barrel (Senior Max Carfrey) create a hilarious dynamic duo. (Sophia Khan)
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