COUNTDOWN TO WINTERBREAK: 10 Perfect Gift Ideas For Everyone!


Jake Fittipaldi, Editor-In-Cheif

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We all know the most stressful part of the holidays is trying to decide what gift to get for your loved one, friend, teacher, siblings etc. I have spent countless hours surveying the web and mall for the perfect present that I know my family would never forget. Here is The Fordian’s help guide to gifts for everyone, no matter who you are.


  • Water Bottle
    • This may seem like a random one to start off with, but there is not one person on this planet that cannot make use out of a water bottle. And no I’m not saying to buy them a cheap plastic water bottle from the dollar store. There are so many different opportunities to make something as simple as a water bottle into a thoughtful gift. From a decorative bottle that matches the recipient’s interest, a bottle that holds your cards and keys, a glass water bottle for those who want to steer clear of plastic, or a personally monogrammed “Swell” bottle, there is something for everyone.  
  • Skincare Products
    • Everybody needs to take care of their skin. Simple as that. Especially in the cold winters! From lotion to face masks to pore strips to face wash, there is something for everyone. Kiehls has a great line for the men in your life who may not realize they need skin care.  
  • Movie Night Kit
    • Grab your favorite candies, popcorn, and a classic tub and you are ready to make a personal movie night kit for your loved one. You can run to Walmart or Five Below and pick a couple movies out of their $5 movie bin and you’re set!
  • Gift Cards
    • Even though most people don’t like to give gift cards because they seem too “easy” but people genuinely enjoy receiving them. Try to find out the person’s favorite store and not only will they be excited to save money using the card, but they will also know that you were thinking of them.
  • Grow Your Own Salsa
    • Maybe you aren’t a fan of salsa itself, but everyone can have fun starting their garden. This kit allows you to create your own mini garden that can turn into something wonderful! If you don’t like salsa, you can use it for a party favor!
  • DNA Kit
    • Everyone has their various unanswered questions about who they are and where they came from. There is no better gift than allowing someone to learn more about themselves. A DNA kit would help them do this! There are a few options from different companies at this point including 23andme,, and National Geographic. There are pros and cons to each depending on what you think the person might be interested in most. 
  • A Succulent
    • There is nothing better than a gift that can last forever, and if you do it right, your succulent can last an extremely long time. Although regular plants are often bigger, they take much more care and last half the time a succulent wood. Plus, succulents are able to survive anywhere (like your room for decoration!)
  • Multi-Use Tool
    • It may seem boring now, but you will for sure need tools in your future. You can help your friend start out slow by buying them a multi-purpose tool in one! Found on almost every gift site (including Amazon), this is the perfect gift for anyone starting to live on their own, dads, or just anyone who is prone to breaking things.
  • Polaroid Printer
    • Ever wanted to have a physical copy of that amazing iPhone shot? Well, a Polaroid printer makes that super easy! Easy to work and extremely convenient, any friend would be glad to get this. This one is a little pricey, so maybe reserve this for a really close friend or family member. 
  • Toothpaste Wringer
    • I know, it sounds ridiculous, but who hasn’t had trouble getting the rest of their toothpaste out of the end of the tube? It’s simple and practical, and something that anyone, anywhere will eventually use. Plus it’s a great laugh and could easily work for a White Elephant gift as well.
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