Student Senate hosts successful Blood Drive

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Students wearing “I Made a Difference” stickers filled the hallways last Thursday, May 1 as Student Senate hosted another successful American Red Cross Blood Drive. Representatives and employees from American Red Cross arrived early Thursday morning to draw blood from student volunteers.

Student Senate leaders facilitated the check-in and check-out process,  and helped move students through the donation process.  In past years,  only half of the gymnasium was used as space available for Red Cross workers. On Thursday, the entire gym was filled with donation stations, which reduced time spent out of class (for students donating) and reduced wait times, alleviating some of the traffic going in and out of Juenger Gymnasium.

Student Senate faculty adviser Ed Weiss commented on the extra space. “The entire gym gives a much roomier and pleasant experience for those who are giving blood, and for those who are working here. It really made the day a lot more pleasant for everyone. The Red Cross made sure that they gave us enough staff members so that there was never a considerable wait for students and teachers who were giving blood.”

Thank you to all who played a part in making Thursday another successful Blood Drive!

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