Broadcast pioneer Kal Rudman revisits students at 99.9 WHHS


Timothy Mulhern

Seniors Greg Robben and Emily Yacina show Kal Rudman the new soundboard installed inside of WHHS’ new studio.

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The benefactor to the Kal and Lucille Rudman Studio in the Haverford High School, broadcasting legend and philanthropist Kal Rudman revisited 99.9 WHHS FM on Thursday, January 30.

Local news crews from CBS3 and 6abc were on hand as the students, led by faculty adviser Ed Weiss and student General Manager Emily Yacina, showed off the refurbished studio to Rudman and those who assisted in purchasing brand new equipment for the radio station.

Rudman, who donated $10,000 in support of the oldest high school radio station in the country, participated in a ribbon-cutting ceremony that officially re-opened the Kal and Lucille Rudman Studio to the public. The equipment purchased includes a new soundboard, computer, audio tools, and studio furniture.

Adviser Ed Weiss spoke on behalf of the students when he discussed the vitality of the radio station, and the importance of the new equipment to the impact the station has on the student body and surrounding community.

Student directors, including Tech Director Greg Robben, and Promotional Director Julia Hughes answered questions about their involvement in the radio station. Yacina conducted a short interview with KYW News Radio about the new equipment, and Rudman’s involvement in the process.

Rudman put it best when he said to CBS3 News: “The smiles they have on their faces, even their dentists could not remove.”

The radio station is currently seeking applicants for second semester shows, which will begin shortly after all interviews are completed.


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