Best Buddies hosts gingerbread house decorating party


Timothy Mulhern

Seniors Will O’Reilly and Corey Cavaliere decorate a gingerbread house.

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On Thursday afternoon, Haverford’s chapter of Best Buddies joined with Springfield High School’s Best Buddies group to host a gingerbread house decorating party. In the spirit of the holidays, the two groups spent a festive afternoon in the Commons affixing candy and chocolates to pre-made gingerbread houses. Senior Corey Cavaliere, a decorator at today’s event, detailed the Best Buddies group’s schedule. “We typically host events like these around holidays. Last month, we had Thanksgiving-themed events like pumpkin carving, and we’ll have a dance around Valentine’s Day.”

Each group of Buddies participating was assigned a table, complete with the necessary decorations needed for the houses. Best Buddies alumni helped in running the event, participating as judges who helped judge the best-decorated gingerbread houses.

Cavaliere, a fourth-year member, assisted Danny Graham in putting the finishing touches on the gingerbread masterpiece, complete with gumdrops, chocolate chips and foil-wrapper detailing.

The event was a success and allowed both Haverford and Springfield’s Best Buddies chapters to enjoy the holiday season.

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