Haverford’s Voice Is Our Vote!

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As the primary election approaches, Young Democrats and Future Republicans have come together to register Haverford students who are eligible to vote. The leaders of these clubs, alongside a group of seniors, make up the Voter Registration Team. Haverford’s 2022 Voter Registration Drive is this week, and all students who are 18 or older are strongly encouraged to register! The Registration Team is having a raffle with Wawa gift cards and a parking spot as prizes. For more information, I spoke with Senior Zach Scullin, an officer of Young Democrats, and Sophomore Kevin McNicholas, an officer of Future Republicans, about this year’s drive and what students should do. 

The Fordian: What is the Voter Registration Team, in your own words?

Scullin: The Voter Registration Team is a group of outstanding seniors that were nominated by teachers to assist with the 2022 Spring Voter Registration Drive. Along with the Young Democrats and Future Republicans, they will help lead bipartisan efforts to increase civic engagement.

The Fordian: What is their goal for 2022 and how do you plan to achieve it?

McNicholas: The goal of this year’s drive is to get at least 85% of voter-eligible seniors, which will enable us to receive the Governor’s Civic Engagement Gold Award. We plan to achieve this goal by working with our senior team and staff members to encourage all eligible seniors to register to vote. 

The Fordian: How should students register to vote? Why should they?

Scullin: Registering to vote is extremely easy and takes only a few minutes via paper or at vote.pa.gov. The only thing that they need to have on hand is their driver’s license or the last four digits of their social security number. They should register in order to vote and make decisions that will affect political issues and movements that they care about. Impacts on climate change, racial justice, healthcare, and immigration laws are just some of the thousands of reasons that people choose to vote.

The Fordian: What do students need to register?

McNicholas: Students need their PA driver’s license number or the last four digits of their Social Security Number. If you have a PA driver’s license you MUST use that, and not your Social Security Number – this is required by the registration. Other questions will include your name, address, date of birth, etc. Students will also need a pen with black ink if they are planning to register on paper. Registering to vote only takes a few minutes. Students can register to vote by paper, which we will distribute at the senior assembly on March 29, or online by visiting the link at the bottom. 

The Fordian: Why is it important to vote?

Scullin: Not only is it people’s civic responsibility to vote, but it allows everyone to play a role in the legislative process of our country. We elect people who we best believe will represent us well and will fight for what we deem most important. Political issues such as climate change, racial justice, abortion rights, and access to healthcare are all extremely prevalent in today’s society and can be addressed via voting.

The Fordian: How do students enter the raffle to win prizes?

McNicholas: The only step in entering the raffle is registering to vote. If you are already registered, then all you have to do is put that at the top of the google form (linked below). These will both enter you into the raffle which has possible prizes of a free parking spot and multiple gift cards.

The Fordian: When is the deadline to register to vote and enter the raffle?

McNicholas: The deadline to register to vote in PA is May 2nd. Our school drive will mainly take place from March 28th through April 8th. The raffle will be drawn the following week, April 11th. Please DO NOT wait until May 2nd to register!!

The Fordian: What is the next election students should vote in? 

Scullin: The next election is on May 17th, 2022, and is a primary election, meaning that students will vote for candidates that are from the same political party in which they registered. The winners of these primaries will then go on to run for office in the general election in November.

The Fordian: Anything else you’d like to say or remind students about?

McNicholas: Please register to vote during the drive, or try to register before May 2nd. Tell your friends and family who are not yet registered to vote to register. If you are registered to vote, then vote in our elections!!! Our next election is on May 17th. We all have varying political views, but everyone can agree that voting is very simple to do, and could personally affect you. 

Scullin: Please register to vote and remind your friends and family to as well. Although we all have varying political views and the current political climate is extremely polarized, everyone can agree that voting can have major consequences on the direction of our democracy. 

To register to vote use  www.vote.pa.gov  

To enter the raffles use this form 

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