Humans of Haverford: Student Athlete Maddie Kent

Allison Walker

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Senior Maddie Kent with her greatest fan, her mom, after the Halloween race. (Maddie Kent)

Madeline Kent, a senior at Haverford, is involved in clubs, sports, and excels academically. Maddie is on the cross country team, winter & spring track and field teams, and swim team. She does this all while participating in the Ski & Snowboard club, Young Democrats, and WHHS where she hosts her own radio show. Maddie took the time to sit with The Fordian and discuss this winter sports season and how she has taken on her work load. 


The Fordian: How long have you’ve been running?

Kent: “I started running in 4th grade while I was at Chatham Elementary.”

The Fordian: What sports have you played throughout your life?

Kent: “Aside from the sports I play now, I have only played soccer. I stopped playing after middle school to focus on my running career.”

The Fordian: What classes are you taking right now?

Kent: “Right now I am taking Anatomy, Forensic Chem, and AP Calc. I am also in orchestra where I play the violin.”

The Fordian: How many hours do you have practice for swim and track?

Kent: “Track is currently Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday from 3-5pm and swim is Monday through Thursday from 7:30-9:30pm and Saturday from 6:30-8am. So I spend about nine and a half hours at swim and six hours at track each week.”

The Fordian: Walk me through a weekday of your busy life.

Kent: “My sister and I normally get to school around 7:20 am, depending on the day. Then like everyone else, I go to my classes and sit with my friends at lunch. I’ll go to track after school until 5pm and then go home, eat dinner, and start homework. Monday through Thursday, I have swim practice from 7:30-9:30pm. Also, every Thursday this current semester, Jamie Woodman and I host a radio show from 4:30-5:30pm which is super fun and exciting.”

The Fordian: Now, walk me through the weekend.

Kent: “On Saturdays, I have swim practice from 6:30-8am, and sometimes we will go out for bagels afterwards. Usually, I work at 12pm, at Not Your Average Joes, until whenever someone tells me to leave. If I am off at a decent hour, I will hang out with my friends. Sunday’s typically call for sleeping in, cleaning my room, laundry, and going on a relaxed run or walk. I normally work 3-9pm on Sundays, however this will soon change due to FordsSwimDive pasta parties.”

The Fordian: “With all your activities and having to study and do school work, how do you get up in the morning? What helps?”

Kent: “Coffee and listening to music is my secret to a great start to the morning.” 

The Fordian: Who are your biggest supporters throughout your life or someone you would thank for bringing you to where you are today?

Kent: “My family but mostly my mom is my biggest supporter and has been for my whole life.”

The Fordian: What are your future plans or goals? No pressure, but if you know, what is your college plan?

Kent: “In the 2022 fall semester, I plan on attending University of Vermont to receive a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. My goals for the future are to complete graduate work after college, run a marathon, and travel to at least 10 countries.” 

The Fordian: Now tell me the fun stuff – what’s your favorite show, book, or song? What do you love to do outside of your busy life? Do you have pets? How many siblings do you have?

Kent: “I have three cats, Otis, Chole, and Phoebe, and two siblings, Finn and Lilly. I love to hike in scenic places, take long midday naps, and read fiction books. Besides that I love going to concerts or just seeing live music, as well as going into the city. My favorite book is The Great Alone by Kristen Hannah, favorite show is Criminal Minds, and my favorite song right now is “Jackie and Wilson” by Hozier.”

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