Godzilla vs. Kong Review: The Monster Mashup



Godzilla and Kong face off in the long-awaited battle of the two iconic monsters.

Victor Pham, Contributor

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Contains Spoilers: 


Godzilla vs Kong, a movie directed by Adam Wingard, brings a new addition to the monsterverse series after Godzilla (2014), King Kong: Skull Island (2017), and Godzilla: King of Monsters (2019). This time, Godzilla and the beloved King Kong of Skull Island are brought into a deathmatch. The cast includes Millie Bobby Brown as Madison Russell, Rebecca Hall as Dr. Ilene Andrews, Alexander Skarsgård as Dr. Nathan Lind, and Bryan Tyree Henry as Bernie Hayes. 

Taking place after the events of Godzilla: King of Monsters (2019), Godzilla attacks Apex Headquarters which is located in Florida. It is unknown why Godzilla attacked Apex Headquarters but afterwards, Godzilla is labeled as a threat to human civilization. Just before the attack, a curious engineer named Bernie Hayes, who works for Apex, discovers a device made by Apex that will later be used to make a robot version of Godzilla. 

Walter Simmons  (Demáin Bichir) and Ren Serizawa  (Shun Oguri), both high Apex members, seek out Dr. Nathan Lind who is looking for a power source capable of being an equal opponent for the now ravaging Godzilla. Dr. Lind reveals that there may be a power source inside Hollow Earth where species like Godzilla originate, but he needs Kong to penetrate the entrance. Dr. Lind and his brother tried venturing into the Hollow Earth before, but Dr. Lind’s brother was crushed by the force, leaving the doctor as the sole survivor. Simmons asks Dr. Lind to do whatever it takes to get the power source; this results in Dr. Lind seeking Dr. Andrews, who monitors Kong at Skull Island. 

In all, the movie was quite entertaining. It had a decent plot and great action scenes with outstanding visuals. However, I did find myself struggling to watch the movie due to its slow pacing during the first half. The acting was excellent for a movie about giant creatures fighting one another. 

Godzilla vs Kong is available to see in theaters. This movie is worth watching if you’re bored and want an action movie mixed in with monsters. 

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