Meet the Cast Members of Haverford Drama Club’s Show, Peter and the Starcatcher

Haverford Drama Clubs Spring Show, Peter and the Starcatcher, will premiere May 8th.

Grace Bee

Haverford Drama Club’s Spring Show, Peter and the Starcatcher, will premiere May 8th.

Alex Lauff, Contributor

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Micheal Selfrige 

Role: “Boy” or Peter Pan 

Q: I know in the past you’ve been a lead or significant character in drama club shows. How has this experience been different from your others from an acting perspective? 

A: From an actor’s perspective, this experience has been very different than I was anticipating– I’ve only ever really been the comedic relief or another light-hearted character, and this show really threw me into a more serious and grounded character perspective that I’m still getting used to. 

Q: This is an energetic, light-hearted show, but it also poses a lot of challenges. What has been the most fun part of your rehearsals and what has been the most difficult?

A: I think the most fun parts have definitely been staging the big cast scenes – even though I’m not in most of them, it’s so fun to watch and it’s amazing to see everyone back up there together, almost like a glimpse of “normality.” The most challenging parts have definitely been again, as I mentioned earlier, trying to ground myself in scenes and explore my more serious or edgy side as opposed to just dancing around the whole time like I’m used to in shows. 

Q: The character of Peter Pan is a staple of theater. What has it been like to put your own spin on him? 

A: Honestly just reading the script for the first time gave me a whole different perspective on Peter Pan as a character, and with this show being a prologue to the classic Disney tale, it’s been really fun finding ways to link his character development from a miserable and mistreated orphan to the energetic boy that everyone knows and loves! 

McKenna Loney 

Role: Molly Aster 

Q: What do you think is different between Molly and the classic Wendy character? 

A: Molly is definitely more immature than Wendy at times. While Wendy’s in Neverland, I can’t think of any moments where she throws a childish temper tantrum. That being said, Molly’s tantrums are justified by her passionate beliefs and behaviors. I also think Molly is more bold and embodies more leadership when she is around the boys and caught in stressful situations. Unlike Wendy, Molly didn’t have a mother growing up, so that forced her to be significantly more independent before her nanny, Mrs. Bumbrake, came along. 

Q: In what ways are you similar to Molly? Different? 

A: As rehearsals progress and I get more comfortable portraying Molly, I find we share a lot of similarities but also some differences. We both hold similar aspirations to be a leader, but I think we differ where she is a natural leader. I think I’m still learning how to be the best one I can be. Furthermore, like Molly, my passions blind me sometimes and make me headstrong. During moments where Molly is a high-strung/emotionally invested, it’s easier for me to portray her emotions because of that similarity. Along with that, I think we both share the same level of curiosity, faith in those around me, and maternal qualities. We differ with confidence and certainty: she’s so sure of herself and knows what she wants. I think, especially with college looming over my head, I feel lost at times. It’s nice to play a character that believes in herself; it’s kind of rubbing off on me. Last but certainly not least, I don’t think I’m as knowledgeable as Molly (she knows Greek, Norse Code, piper etiquette, the list goes on…), but we share that eagerness to learn. 

Q: Molly has a lot of funny moments and lines in the show. Which is your favorite?

A: Oh God this show is so quirky and each character has many hilarious moments. Molly’s humor comes through when she sasses another character, throws one of her many tantrums, or geeks out with her dad. One moment in particular that showcases her true geekiness is when she’s speaking in Norse – not Morse – code. While she’s interpreting her dad’s flashing lights, she’s going all out interpreting the code in Norwegian and translating it for the boys. Throughout her Norse code performance, the boys go from not taking her seriously to perplexed. Another favorite moment of Molly’s is when she first meets the boys. In the midst of Prentiss saying he’s the leader, Molly loudly says to Ted, “you ever notice… the more you claim leadership, the more it eludes you.” She’s a boss; I love Molly. 

Bri Spade 

Role: Black Stache 

Q: Black Stache has been a really fun character for me to work off of in our scenes together. What is your favorite part about playing him? 

A: My favorite part of playing the role of Stache is how I get the chance to embody this kind of superiority complex through the character. Stache is a very motivated and charismatic pirate, and I love playing into that side of my personality. 

Q: What are your biggest inspirations for your interpretation of him? 

A: My biggest inspiration for Stache would definitely have to be Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. I want to capture Jack’s wittiness while still being unique to Stache’s character. 

Q: Throughout the show, Stache has many clever lines and quips, from puns to obscure references. What’s your favorite of these? 

A: I genuinely love them all, they always make me laugh when I say them. But if I had to pick a favorite, it would definitely be when he references the Michael Jackson moonwalk.


The show will be streaming on May 8th at 7pm. 

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