Haverford’s First Ever Virtual Singing Valentines Allows for Contact-Free Fun (And Embarrassment!)


Chloe Hyun

The Peanuts record a virtual singing valentine (with masks) in order to safely continue this Haverford tradition. (Pictured left to right: Junior Macy Dahl, Sophomores Julia Taglang, Tess Madonna, Kara Lacianca, Brigit Brennan, and Chloe Hyun)

Kitty Tsukada, Assistant News Editor

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On February 10th and 11th, many students logged onto their classes and were met with pre-recorded videos of members of Haverford’s choirs, chorale and chamber singers, performing select songs, (mostly) related to Valentine’s Day. The singers were separated into five Singing Valentines groups ranging from freshmen to seniors and were responsible for both arranging their own a capella songs and rehearsing months in advance. 

For 35 years, Singing Valentines has been a beloved tradition at Haverford High School, as well as one of the most successful and enjoyable fundraisers for the chorus department. In spite of pandemic restrictions, the Choral Council was committed to continuing this fun-filled activity. They sold over 100 valentines through ludus.com, where students could order videos for their friends along with a custom note. This platform allowed Chorus Council to raise funds completely hands-free and to accommodate virtual learners. 

“It is so rewarding to see people in the Haverford community still support Singing Valentines!” said Emma Whittaker, president of Haverford’s Choral Council. “While we are looking forward to going back to our normal tradition, this year’s Singing Valentines brought our choirs together, and we hope it did the same for others at Haverford, too.”

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