Hot Cocoa Bombs: A Creative Twist on a Winter Drink



The popular winter drink with a more creative twist!

Chiara MacGillivray, Sports Editor

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Cozy hot chocolate has always been a winter staple. The delicate, rich, aroma of cocoa warms the body, the hands, and the heart. This year, hot cocoa bombs have been trending on social media, revolutionizing the traditional way to make hot chocolate. The “bomb” effect is created by a thin chocolate sphere encasing hot cocoa mix and marshmallows which bursts open when dropped into hot milk.

Enjoy the hot cocoa bomb with a hot glass of milk! (Chiara MacGillivray)

After researching how to make these decadent balls, I discovered the recipe requires a special mold to form the chocolate outside. As it is not far from Christmas, I knew there could be a way to make this treat without an expensive tool. Careful reading and experimentation resulted in success using the “egg method.” This relatively simple step created a beautiful hot cocoa bomb. 


1-2 handfuls semi-sweet chocolate chips

1 egg

Plastic wrap

1 spoonful of cocoa powder

1.5 spoonful sugar

Mini Marshmallows 

Crushed Candy Cane (for decoration)

Note: Any generic hot cocoa mix can be substituted for the sugar and cocoa powder, but I find the sugar and cocoa powder taste much richer and more delicious! I used a regular kitchen teaspoon for the “spoonful” measurement. 


First, melt the chocolate chips in a microwave at 15-30 second intervals until just melted, stirring well after each interval. 

Melted Chocolate (Chiara MacGillivray)

Next, wrap plastic wrap around the larger end of an egg, making it as smooth as possible. The excess plastic wrap should be twisted around the smaller end so that it is pulled tight. 

The Egg (Chiara MacGillivray)

Dip the larger end of the egg into the chocolate. Roll it around so that the bottom half of the egg is covered in chocolate. Err on the side of covering too much of the egg, for it can always be trimmed later. Let the egg and chocolate cool (about 1-2 min in a freezer or a refrigerator). After the chocolate has chilled, carefully remove the plastic wrap from the egg and then peel the plastic wrap off the chocolate. 

The chocolate shell starts forming. (Chiara MacGillivray)

Repeat steps 2-3 so that you have two chocolate halves. 

One half of the chocolate shell. (Chiara MacGillivray)

Using scissors, trim the excess chocolate off the two halves so that the halves match up with each other. 

Cutting the shell (Chiara MacGillivray)

In a small bowl, mix one spoonful of cocoa powder and 1.5 spoonfuls of sugar. Pour this mixture into one of the chocolate halves, until the half is filled. Then place 4-5 mini marshmallows on top. 

The filled cocoa bomb (Chiara MacGillivray)

Place an empty bowl in the microwave for about a minute, making it hot to the touch. Then take the empty half of chocolate and place it open-end down onto the hot surface of the bowl. This should melt the chocolate on the edge slightly. Immediately press the chocolate halves onto each other, forming a complete ball. Let the ball cool in the fridge or freezer until firm and solid. 

After about 10 minutes of cooling, drizzle the leftover chocolate on top of the ball and sprinkle the top with crushed candy canes. 

The finished shell! (Chiara MacGillivray)

To enjoy, heat up a mug of milk until it is almost boiling. Drop the hot cocoa bomb into the mug, and watch it explode into a delicious cup of hot chocolate! 

The finished hot cocoa! (Chiara MacGillivray)
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