Haverford Seniors Prepare to Cast First Ever Votes


The seniors of the Young Democrats and Future Republicans prepared for their Voter Registration Drive assembly, where they registered over 280 seniors at Haverford.

Audrey Bucak , Staff

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During Haverford High School’s Voter Registration Drive in March, seniors prepared to vote for the first time. Many of them will be voting in the upcoming Pennsylvania primary on June 2. As the election becomes closer, twelfth-grade students share why voting is important to them, and what this election means for them. 

Sam Garrison states, “I think it’s important [to vote], but it’s not a disgrace or tragic if someone cannot distinguish which candidate will actually serve the people best when they haven’t paid taxes, owned property, etc. I am planning on voting because I have closely followed this presidential race so far and am aware of who I support.”

Many students have been putting in efforts to educate themselves and others in order to make informed decisions when voting. Haverford Young Democrats and Haverford Future Republicans have put in a combined effort to do this in the school community, such as running the school’s voter registration drive and participating in activism events. 

Ethan Berks, a member of Haverford’s Future Republicans, shares that he will not be voting in the primaries, as he is too young. He says, “I am also registered under the Republican party, so I would not be able to vote regardless. I will, however, be voting in the upcoming presidential election in which I think that anyone eligible to vote should. My role in involving students in politics is just to get them exposed to the political climate, as well as holding debates during our meetings so that members are able to think for themselves and share their opinions publicly.”

June Park, a member of Haverford Young Democrats, says, “I am absolutely voting in the upcoming primary election! In fact, I recently just submitted my application for a mail-in ballot for the primary, which is a new voting feature this year. Primaries are especially crucial because we get to vote on who will be on the ballot in November, so they should not be skipped! I plan on voting in every election I can because voting is my civic duty. It’s my opportunity to demand changes in my local, state, and national governments. It is imperative for young people to vote because voting should be a life-long habit. It is such a precious right that millions of people fought for us to have.”

Similarly, Berks shares that he believes “it is important for people to vote because it is our right, and exercising our right to vote fosters a strong political climate in the United States.”

By registering over 280 seniors to vote, holding debates, educating people, and creating a healthy political climate in Haverford’s community, students in each club hope to create an impact on the community and to increase voter turnouts in the future. They wish to help young adults take politics into their own hands and create their future. Park explains, “My role has been fostering an environment for students to get involved in politics. I hope that we see one of the biggest and most diverse voter turnouts in history, and that this sets a trend for increasing voter turnouts in future elections. When more Americans get involved in our nation’s discourse, this promotes a healthy democracy.”

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