Chorus Students Deliver 35th Annual Singing Valentines


Liz Joslin

Singers prepare to serenade students. (Left to right: Ellie Dean, Brigit Brennan, Macy Dahl, Chloe Hyun, Kara Lacianca, Julia Taglang, Tess Madonna)

Kitty Tsukada, Staff

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Haverford High School’s chorus members delivered romantic messages in the form of serenades, continuing the 35th annual tradition of Singing Valentines on Thursday, February 13. This was the first year that Singing Valentines was available during the third block, which had been avoided in previous years due to the three lunch periods. 

The singers delivered approximately 700 valentines and raised a total of $1,800 to fund the chorus’s trips, uniforms, and other expenses. Eight groups of singers, with a total of 54 students involved, knocked on classroom doors throughout the day to deliver valentines. Most of the groups created their own names, such as, “Love Bugs”, “Uncles Return,” “Love Notes,” “Peanut Gallery,” “Joe Mammas,” and “V & The Dogs”.

Singing Valentines has persistently shown itself to be one of the most successful and enjoyable fundraisers for the chorus department. “We pride ourselves on the success of Singing Valentines as a fundraiser, as we feel it is one of the most interactive fundraisers in the whole school. The students performing, sending, and receiving the valentines all have a lot of fun,” says Chorus Council President Liz Joslin, who has participated in Singing Valentines for all of her four years at Haverford High School. 

The chorus students were able to pull off this impressive stunt with hours of practice, strategic planning, and sheer dedication. The tradition is planned to continue for many years to come, bringing joy (and occasionally embarrassment) to students all around the high school.

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