Welcome to 2020: What Are Your New Year’s Resolutions?

The following includes responses from Haverford High School’s staff and students.

Sophia Khan and Elizabeth Wolfe

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Name: Tess Madonna, Grade 9 

Resolution: “Go to bed earlier, and wake up earlier to get to school on time.”



Name: Payton McGloin

Grade: 9

Resolution: “Get good grades and get a job.”



Name: Kibby Shelton

Grade: 9

Resolution: “Do better in Latin.”



Name: Owen Kelly

Grade: 10

Resolution: “Improve my work ethic.”



Name: Erin Maginnis

Grade: 10

Resolution: “Eat healthier.”



Name: Gavin McMahon

Grade: 10

Resolution: “Spend more time with my family.”



Name: Catherine Corbett

Grade: 11

Resolution: “Say yes to more things and take every opportunity that is given to me.”



Name: Teddy Del Duca, Grade 12; Michael Smith, Grade 11

Resolution: “Get big.”



Name: Marisa Torh

Grade: 12

Resolution: “Honestly, just be happy, and grow mentally and spiritually.”



Name: Keith MacConnell, Librarian

Resolution: “Run a 20 minute 5K in the year 2020.”



Name: Charmagne Newman, Assistant Librarian

Resolution: “Get more resources for the students.”



Name: Charles Withers, Social Studies Teacher 

Resolution: “Play more tennis.”

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