Simple Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Jordan Barbee and Audrey Bucak

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Dressing up for Halloween, a tradition originally meant to protect people from supernatural beings, is a quintessential component of the holiday. However, it can be extremely irksome to brainstorm different costume ideas every year. With Halloween quickly approaching, we have compiled a list of costume suggestions to get your creative juices flowing! 


She doesn’t even go here (from Mean Girls)

This easily recognizable, classic moment from Mean Girls is perfect for someone who doesn’t have time to put together an intricate costume, but still wants a way to capture his or her sense of humor and assume somebody else’s identity for the night. All a party-goer or trick-or-treater needs is a hoodie, sunglasses, a sign with “she doesn’t even go here” written on it, and they’re ready to go!


Bob Ross 

Bob Ross, a man known for his gorgeous landscape paintings and amiable disposition, is a truly iconic figure. His show, The Joy of Painting, has recently made a comeback; it is a crowd favorite among all age groups. To transform yourself into this lovely man, all you need is a brown afro, a button down covered in paint, and a 2-inch paintbrush to beat the devil out of!  



This extraterrestrial costume has many possibilities, just like the astronomical number of possibilities for life outside Earth. Anyone who is interested in exploring the mystery and intrigue of these possibilities, as well as the dark side of them, in the Halloween spirit should consider being an alien.



Now, let’s take it back to the Stone Age, the first known period of prehistoric human culture. The people of this time are commonly known as cavemen, and, in modern day, are usually utilized for comedic purposes, depicted as extremely stupid and constantly shouting out incoherent verbiage. To portray one of these comedic characters, all one needs to do is scruff themselves up a bit, drape themselves in animal print fabric, and let out frequent grunts. 



Get groovy and dress as a hippie this halloween! During the 70’s, hippies spread messages of peace and love, protesting against America’s involvement in the Vietnam War. So, throw on some round glasses, a tie dye t-shirt, and make love, not war!


Rosie the Riveter 

Rosie the Riveter, a powerful historical symbol of feminism, is the perfect costume for someone who wants to represent strong women. Rosie, who was depicted on Norman Rockwell’s “Rosie the Riveter” cover for The Saturday Evening Post during World War II, represents all the women who contributed to the war effort by producing munitions and war supplies, as well as assuming the jobs that male workers had left to join the military. The essential pieces of this costume are the denim shirt or denim jumpsuit and the red polka dot bandana. Don’t forget to get a photo in your Rosie pose!  



A fan of mythology? Ever wanted to go back to ancient Greece? Only have ten minutes to put together a costume? Get inspired by ancient gods and goddesses! Simply wrap a white sheet around yourself and gather some leaves to tie it together. If you want to make it more complex, choose a specific god and represent their specific symbols in your costume. For example, if you choose Zeus, you can carry a lightning bolt. If you choose Artemis, you could have a bow and arrow or an image of a stag. These will also make it more unique and personal to you. 

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