Get in the Halloween Spirit With These Movies


Audrey Bucak

Find a Halloween movie to watch, grab some candy, and enjoy.

Jordan Barbee and Audrey Bucak

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Whether you love them or hate them, it is undeniable that scary movies are a great way to get into the Halloween spirit. We have compiled a list of horror movies on which there is a film for everyone, whether you enjoy gore, paranormal activity, or even if you’re new to the horror movie scene. So, grab your popcorn, put on your PJs, and get ready to be spooked! 


The Others  

Fans of slasher horror, blood, and gore, will find such things lacking in The Others, a psychological thriller. What you will get with The Others, however, are some of the most chilling scenes in cinema at the time of its release. This ghost story tells the tale of a mother and her two children, who suffer from photosensitivity, just having moved into a new home on the English countryside. By choosing the unseen over the blatant, swapping graphic violence and gruesome murder for self-playing pianos and self-closing doors, The Others creates a haunting, imaginative shocker that is likely to rattle around your brain for days. 



Midsommar is not what one typically imagines when he or she thinks of horror movies. Taking place in a Swedish village at the height of the hottest summer on record, there are no dark shadows or ghosts, but darkness manages to arise despite the never-setting sun. When a group of Americans plans a trip to this village to experience a traditional summer solstice festival run by a group of pagans, they do not expect the violent acts that they witness during their trip and the series of events that keeps both the friends and the viewers unsteady throughout the tale. This film is perfect for anyone looking for something outside of the mainstream type of horror movie, but viewer discretion is advised due to the violent nature of the film.   


The Mist 

This Stephen King film sets a mood that will scare you out of your pants with a power similar to that of the storm at the beginning of the film. The Mist uses all of the advantages of its Maine setting: the fog, gloom, and small-town mystery. After a mist engulfs Castle Rock, the Draytons get trapped in the grocery store, with threats gathering both inside and outside. This film is recommended for anyone who enjoys the ominous, abhorrent creatures such as those in Stranger Things, as the characters in The Mist are faced with similar creatures. 


The Orphanage 

Originally titled El Orfanato, this Spanish psychological thriller is a twist on your classic haunted house story. Reminiscing about the pleasant memories of the orphanage she grew up in as a child, Laura purchases the building, turning it into a home for sick children. However, the home is discovered to be filled with spirits, and her critically ill son, Simon, soon goes missing. Therefore, Laura must work with these spirits to find her presumed dead son. This is a movie for someone who doesn’t want a lot of blood and gore, but rather something more thought-provoking, as this film will leave the viewer not only horror-struck, but also touched by deep sadness and despair. 


The Sixth Sense 

The Sixth Sense is the perfect choice for those of us who are just being introduced into the genre of horror. It isn’t a thriller in the modern sense, but a ghost story that offers ordinary people a peak into hidden dimensions. It has long been believed that children are better at seeing ghosts than adults, and The Sixth Sense demonstrates this idea with the main character, a young boy who can communicate with the dead. Through a series of chilling events and an ending which undoubtedly blindsides everyone watching, The Sixth Sense offers excitement and suspense without the blood and gore of more traditional horror films. 


The Blair Witch Project  

The Blair Witch Project is a prime example of how it doesn’t take bells and whistles to scare an audience. In the opening titles, viewers learn that three young filmmakers had gone into a wooded area in search of a legendary witch, and a year later, their footage was discovered. The film’s style enhances the illusion that it’s a real documentary, recorded on a shaky camcorder. At a time when digital techniques can show us nearly anything, The Blair Witch Project is a reminder that what really scares us are the things we can’t see. 



Stephen King has a modest, but undeniable genius for being able to find horror in everyday situations. In Misery, a writer finds himself the captive of his self-proclaimed number one fan. The author has not finished the novel to her liking, and now she has him in her grip and he is writing under a particularly painful and violent deadline. This psychological thriller is a bit gruesome and has some very realistic-looking injuries, but is far less gory than other Stephen King movies. So, if you are on the hunt for a sweat inducing, edge-of-your-seat horror flick, look no further. 


The Silence of the Lambs  

A classic, widely-loved horror movie, The Silence of the Lambs is a must-watch during the Halloween season. Based off of the series novels by Thomas Harris, this film follows Clarice Starling, an FBI training academy student, who is trying to track down a serial killer. She is told by Jack Crawford – the man she aspires to work under in the FBI – to interview Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a psychiatrist imprisoned for being a serial killer and cannibal, whom he thinks will help her in tracking down her killer. With its memorable characters and suspenseful scenes, this is perfect for those wanting an action-packed detective movie that will keep them on-edge right up until the end. While greatly praised, this movie is not for the faint of heart.

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