Green Out For Hannah Hermansen and Lily Walker at “Fords Fight For Life”

Sophia Khan , Contributor & Photographer

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Haverford High School honored Hannah Hermansen and Lily Walker at a “Fords Fight For Life” Green Out event for cancer on Friday, October 18.   Students gathered in the Juenger Gymnasium in a brief pep rally during homeroom to commemorate Walker, a freshman, and Hermansen, a junior.  Walker was diagnosed on St. Patrick’s Day in 2018, and Hermansen was diagnosed this past September. 

The rally was filmed by the Fox 29 crew to feature on a football game segment that night, named “Fords Fight for Life”.  Handmade posters and flowers were presented to the pair as cameras captured the touching moment when they hugged in the center of the gym.  Haverford’s Varsity cheerleaders performed a few routines, during which freshman Ashlee Hoover was thrown into the air, “Go Fords” flags were waved, and students in the stands cheered with exuberance.  The marching band added to the lively atmosphere with performances of the Captain America theme song, Fight song, Ants Marching, and Cadence


Hannah Hermansen and Lily Walker receive flowers from their friends and supporters at the Friday morning Pep Rally.


Displaying their homemade posters and wearing their green shirts, Hermansen’s friends cheer from the bleachers.


The football team wear their “Fords Fight For Life” jerseys to show their support for the fight against cancer.


Lady Fords throw freshman Ashlee Hoover into the air – and they catch her!


Surrounded by her friends, Walker celebrates the successful Green Out all-school rally.


Hannah Hermansen and Lily Walker hug each other in an emotional moment during the Green Out for cancer pep rally.
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