WHHS Radio Recruits Tech Enthusiasts


WHHS members set up for their next radio show.

Audrey Bucak , Contributor

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Haverford’s WHHS Club is currently recruiting students for new radio shows this semester.  The student-run radio station provides yet another way for students to express themselves and learn technological skills.  WHHS is hosting a Coffee House tonight from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. at Haverford High School in the West Commons to showcase student performers.  Tickets cost $5 at the door.

Applications for radio shows are available at the beginning of each semester for interested students.  WHHS says that they are also always looking for new student performers and bands to perform at their Coffee House fundraisers.  Some students, who are not interested in applying for a radio show or performing, can attend these fundraisers to help support this student-led organization.

Naomi Popiel, one of the two General Managers for WHHS, explained her experience about the club.  

Our mission as a club is to give students the unique opportunity to explore technology-related activities, such as sound engineering and radio broadcasting, and offer an outlet for musical expression.  I became interested in joining WHHS as a freshman when I saw how much my older sister and her friends enjoyed having a radio show. Since then, I have become more and more involved in the station and have come to think of radio as a family and a ‘home’ within Haverford High School.  

For the members of WHHS, the club is not only a fun extracurricular activity to engage in with friends, but it also provides exposure to technology that could prepare students for the field of engineering or news broadcasting.  

“I believe radio is important because it allows students to learn valuable technological skills and offers a niche club experience for students who have not felt comfortable in other activities.  In addition, the presence of a student run organization within the school fosters a responsible environment that opens doors for creativity and new ways of operating,” Popiel added.

WHHS Club’s upcoming radio shows for this semester can be heard on 99.9 FM, and the station can supported by attending the Coffee House tonight or contributing in future fundraisers.


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