Holiday Style: Men’s and Women’s Festive Fashion


Gina Ngo, Editor-in-Chief

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As winter arrives and Christmas quickly approaches, people opt for warm-toned colors and warm sweaters.  While trendsetters wear contemporary fashion pieces, others are bringing back more traditional styles.  Below are some outfits that people gravitate towards during the holiday season.


Lily Madonna

This nearly all black outfit contrasted with a touch of red for the holiday season is one that can be worn to a get-together with friends because it is not overly dressy, yet still looks nice.  The sparkly top from Urban Outfitters beneath the black tank-top from Abercrombie blends with the atmosphere of the holiday season and pairs well with the crimson red – a Christmas accent color – skirt from Urban Outfitters.  The belt from Brandy Melville complements the entire ensemble, and the shoes from Fila serve as a contrast to the dark outfit.


A key necessity to consider when choosing an outfit for a family holiday party is comfort, especially when you know you will be eating a lot.  The maroon-colored long sleeve top from Forever 21 provides a pop of color to the otherwise dark ensemble. The black strapless dress from Urban Outfitters, belt from Brandy Melville, and Dr. Martens boots keep the outfit classy and dressy for the gathering.  The dark colors are perfect for the winter season and the maroon complements it with a touch of holiday tint.

During the holidays, exploring the city is a tradition that cannot be skipped.  To keep yourself warm when watching the light show or roaming through Christmas Village, you can opt for a jacket and hat that will keep you warm in the frigid weather.  The cheetah dress from Urban Outfitters makes the outfit appear put-together and matches the light brown fuzzy jacket from Zaful. The belt from Brandy Melville and hat from H&M accessorize the outfit without breaking the color scheme.  As usual, Dr. Martens boots tie together the outfit nicely. Because the outfit is generally neutral, it is easy to customize different pieces in accordance to various holiday events.



Gwyn Philbin

This simple outfit can be worn to a family gathering in the comfort of your own home.  The crimson sweater from SuperDry subtly introduces holiday colors and pairs nicely with the black trousers from Jos. A. Bank.  The mustard-tinted shoes from Vans keep the outfit wearable throughout the winter, even after the holidays.





Chloe Calamaro

During the winter, sweaters are a staple in your wardrobe.  The oversized sweater keeps you cozy and warm in the cold weather and is also fashionable for doing photoshoots.  The sweater is overall versatile because it can be paired with various colors of pants. The “mom jeans” paired with the sweater is from Target.  This outfit can be worn casually on a day out with friends or a shopping day for last-minute gifts.

Layering in the winter keeps you warm and allows you to style some clothing pieces that would otherwise only be wearable in the summer.  The summer top from Pacsun paired with a white turtleneck from Forever 21 gives the outfit a more old-fashioned, yet classy touch. The spotted red flowers on the crop top are festive enough for the holiday season, while the scalloped turtleneck perfectly brings the look together.  The mom jeans pair nicely with most outfits, like this one.

This outfit, comprised of a red turtleneck and jean skirt, is the iconic holiday look.  The self-thrifted jean skirt promotes sustainable, yet high-quality fashion. Paired with a warm red turtleneck and fishnet stockings from Urban Outfitters, the outfit radiates “ugly Christmas sweater” vibes and embodies the current 90’s fashion trend at the same time.  The shimmery gems on the fishnets provide the extra holiday sparkle that resembles little snowflakes and sparkling lights seen during the holiday season.



Luke Verzella

This formal, yet comfortable ensemble can be worn to a family gathering on Christmas Day.  The button-up shirt from Jos. A. Bank, layered with a sweater from Gap, is paired with khaki pants from American Eagle.  The red tie from Jos. A. Bank adds a festive touch to the neutral colored outfit, and the dress shoes from Jos. A. Bank enhances the formality of the whole look.  

This colorful outfit is versatile, because it can be worn out on the town in the winter or to a gathering with family and friends.  The flannel from L.L. Bean is colored with red and other contrasting tones that mirror the holiday lights decorated outside. The corduroy trousers from Gap match the light brown tint of the boots, which are from L.L. Bean.  The all-purpose boots can be worn in the rain and snow, while pairing well with many casual outfits.


Gina Ngo

This sweater dress from Macy’s resembles the classic “Mrs. Claus” look, which can be worn at a Christmas party with family and friends.  There is nothing that screams Christmas more than the green holly plant on the left and the red color throughout the dress. The black stockings match the faux black belt on the dress and makes the outfit warmer.  The brown ankle boots from Forever 21 completes the outfit well by contrasting with the red, white, and black tones.

During the fall and winter, warm tones create the best outfits.  This outfit can be worn during a day out at the mall, while shopping with friends, or in the city.  The maroon cardigan from Charlotte Russe provides a cozy feeling on a frigid winter day. The white patterns contrast nicely with the maroon tone, and the tassels lined along the bottom of the cardigan give the outfit a unique touch.  The gray sweater from H&M, paired with cuffed jeans from Forever 21, keeps the outfit simple and casual. Like the cardigan, the brown ankle boots add another warm tone to the outfit.

This outfit is another casual one, consisting of subtle tints of holiday colors, which can be worn on a day out to the movies or a casual gathering with friends.  The fuzzy white mock neck sweater from Forever 21, paired with the cuffed olive green trousers from H&M keeps me warm while looking put-together. The black bomber jacket from H&M gives the outfit a contrasting color, while keeping me warm with an extra layer.  The white shoes maintain the simplicity of the outfit and match the white sweater.  This ensemble is the perfect example of chic, yet affordable fashion.



Pryce Davies

This ensemble is fitting to wear during a night out in the city or perhaps a Christmas party.  The gray sweater tucked into the black trousers keeps the outfit simple, yet sophisticated.  The brown trench coat adds a nice statement to the black and white components of the outfit.  The white Nike sneakers serve as a contrast to the dark and neutral colors, while providing comfort for walking and dancing.

This classic double denim outfit can be worn throughout the whole winter.  The shearing on the jacket gives an old-school and traditional appearance.  The beige sweater and blue checker-printed flannel, layered with the denim jacket, provide warmth in the breezy weather.  The brown dress shoes make the casual outfit put-together and provide contrast to the blue tones.  To top the outfit off, the red beanie adds a festive touch for the holidays.


Krystyna Barr

A sweater is an essential statement piece that can be dressed up or down for any occasion during the holiday season.  Pairing it with a pair of black leggings keeps the outfit comfortable and casual. The black boots from Dr. Martens give the simple outfit a bit of an edge, and the statement earrings accessorize the outfit nicely.  The red lip matches the red sweater and completes the perfect Christmas party outfit.

A staple accessory to wear during the winter is a beanie, or in this case, a pink pom-pom one from a city vendor.  Worn with an oversized white cardigan from Urban Outfitters, the beanie adds a touch of color to make the outfit more fun.  The gray top and black skirt, paired with tights keep the outfit simple under the cozy cardigan. The classic Dr. Marten boots complete the outfit and are also a staple during the winter season.

During the winter, you can never go wrong with a turtleneck.  The black one shown in this photo is from Forever 21.  The dark color goes well with various colors of skirts or trousers.  The brown skirt from Renee James Boutique in Havertown makes the outfit stylish, yet comfortable for a casual party with friends.  

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