Haverford Provides Food for Over 30 Local Families This Thanksgiving


Interact Club members packed over 30 boxes of food for local families in need.

Melody Kert, Contributor

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Members of Interact Club arranged boxes of food, donated by students and faculty of Haverford High School and Haverford Middle School for the annual Thanksgiving food drive, during the afternoon of Friday, November 16 in the amphitheater of Haverford High School.  A vast array of food, including cereal, granola bars, stuffing, trail mix, and pasta sauce were packed in individual boxes and prepared to be sent out to local families in need this Thanksgiving.

“The food drive is an important way to give back to the community, and it’s something that doesn’t require much effort, yet it makes such an impact,” said Seryna Chung, a member of the Interact Club.  

As volunteers arrived in the amphitheater, they immediately went to work.  Boxes and bags of food, ranging from breakfast meals to dinners and desserts, created massive piles that spread across the floor.  While some volunteers unpacked the food from boxes sent by different homerooms throughout the school, others loaded a variety of food into new boxes that would be sent out to local families in need.

The amount of food Haverford collected this year was beyond the expectations of many students.   Over 30 boxes of food were sorted, and there was still extra food.

“I’m astounded at the amount of food we managed to collect, and I think it’s a great thing that we could to do this for people in our community,” said Connor Murray, a member of the Interact Club.

Many participants of the food drive feel that the donations of food to the needy families in the community are impactful, knowing that they have brought food on the table for many this Thanksgiving.  

“The food drive teaches both teenagers and adults that they can make a huge difference in their community simply by donating some extra food that they can find in their houses.  It’s easy to forget that there are people in our community who are struggling because we get so wrapped up in our own lives, and I’m sure they appreciate the extra help with making the holiday season as enjoyable as possible, without money being a concern,” said Sophia Carr, a member of Interact Club.  

The combined donations from Haverford High School and Haverford Middle school have made a substantial impact in helping neighbors.  Participants feel satisfied knowing that they have made a difference in the community by providing food for families this Thanksgiving and hope to continue this tradition of donating in years to come.    

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