Principal Donaghy’s Eager Approach to His Third Year at Haverford


Gina Ngo, Editor-in-Chief

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As students kick off the 2018-2019 school year, Mr. Donaghy enters his third year serving as Principal of Haverford High School.  In the last few years, Mr. Donaghy has watched and encouraged the continuous growth of students. From reporting his classic daily announcements to promoting student-led school events, Mr. Donaghy has always supported the evolvement of students.  In order to understand his perspective and goals for the new school year, I interviewed Mr. Donaghy and inquired information about his favorite accomplishments and expectations of students.

While keeping busy with overseeing the staff and administrators, Mr. Donaghy’s favorite part of being principal is watching students succeed in and out of the classroom and make achievements beyond their own expectations.  Whether a student works hard to make the varsity basketball team or earns an A in a rigorous class, any accomplishment that is achieved with dedication and commitment makes the principal proud. Mr. Donaghy is especially impressed by students’ efforts to build upon the success of students from previous years.  

The variety of clubs and activities at Haverford is expanding, as students utilize their creativity to form more opportunities for involvement.  In the last two years, new clubs, such as the Science Academy, Young Democrats, Future Republicans of Tomorrow, and Latin Club have given students platforms and opportunities to explore new interests or build relationships with fellow classmates.  The students’ investment and advocacy in school to enhance clubs, sports, music programs, and other activities, demonstrate their potential for success in the future and real world beyond high school.

“It’s impressive how the students are involved and updated on current events.  They are proactive about societal issues and often try to come up with solutions to improve their school and community”, Mr. Donaghy remarks.  Participating in or organizing important events, such as the student walk-out or speaking about global issues, display the increasing activism among the student body.  The amount of service to the community and collaboration students have built together, stand out most to the principal.

Haverford High School is already a strong institution with countless opportunities in the curriculum and extracurricular activities; however, there are many ways the principal seeks to improve it.  This year, Mr. Donaghy wants to ensure that every student in the school is involved in some way. He believes that being a part of at least one club or association that represents a student’s passion or interests, is vital for growth.  

Another goal of his is to provide better access to support for students, whether in the counseling department, writing center, or math tutoring services.  He plans to offer more resources to students, so they can receive the help they need to make progress in their learning. Mr. Donaghy plans to implement his goals by advocating the numerous clubs at Haverford and encouraging students to take advantage of support resources.  

Mr. Donaghy ultimately wants to continue boosting the morale of students and sustaining enthusiasm for learning, school events, as well as activities.  He is eager to begin a great school year and support students on their journey to success.


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