Activities For Christmas


Gina Ngo , Staff

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Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are both days filled with much love, joy, and glee.  Many families and friends may be searching for fun and simple activities they can do together to celebrate the holiday.  Below is a list of activities you may add to your festivities this holiday season.  


  1. Bake delectable treats

Whether it is a batch of cookies or a cake, baking is always a relaxing activity and a great way to spend quality time with your family and friends.  Look up some recipes online or keep up with an annual tradition of a certain treat if you have one.  Put on some holiday tunes in the background and sing along as you bake! The best part is that you get to devour your delicious treats with your family and friends after you finish baking.  


  1.     Look at Christmas lights outside

Although looking at Christmas lights outside is simple, it is undoubtedly an opportunity that provides a sight which makes most of us smile.  Going on a walk with a friend or on a drive with your family, will give you the best opportunities for you to enjoy the colorful lights.  Perhaps you will gain some inspiration for next year in regards to outdoor decorations and lights for your own house.


  1.    Watch Holiday Movies

Christmas Eve or Christmas Day are perfect to binge-watch holiday movies, especially since you and your family have free time.  Grab some popcorn, or some cookies that you may have baked earlier, snuggle in a blanket by the fireplace, and enjoy your movies.  If you need some holiday movie suggestions, The Fordian has a compiled list of childhood movies that may make you extra nostalgic.  


  1.    Go to City Hall

The familiar and illustrious lyrics, “Silver bells, silver bells…it’s Christmas time in the city” are constantly playing in my head when I am in the city.  The Christmas light show takes place at City Hall, and the Christmas Village is conveniently located there as well.  The vendors are based off of the traditional Christmas Markets in Germany, with various European foods as well as jewelry, ornaments, and other trinkets.  If you are desperate to find super last minute gifts on Christmas Eve, Christmas Village is the ideal place to go.  It’s a spectacular place with many fun activities to do with your family and friends.  


  1.     Go to Longwood Gardens

Longwood Gardens is stunning, especially during the holidays.  Creatively embellished with colorful Christmas trees and lights, Longwood Gardens is an incredible sight to see.  The plants and flowers, along with the various adornments, are eye-catching.  Watch the illuminated fountain shows that display fountains dancing to holiday music and listen to carolers spreading Christmas cheer.  If you are looking for a place to capture some festive photos, Longwood Gardens is a gorgeous place.  


  1.     Ice Skate at Penn’s Landing

Although The Rockefeller Center with its renowned Christmas tree in New York City is not conveniently accessible to us, the rink at Penn’s Landing is a fun place to go ice skating with some family and friends.  Penn’s Landing is also beautifully decorated with trees and twinkling lights.  Ice skating will get you in full holiday spirit since this activity is particularly winter related.  


  1.     Go Out For Coffee

Since it is winter, the frigid weather may compel you to drink a warm cup of coffee or latte.  Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts are great shops for you to buy a treat and a warm drink.  They are also both ideal places to catch up with your friends or family.  


Photo credit: Marina Khrapova from Unsplash

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