iOS 10 Receives Mixed Reviews From Haverford Students


Jake Fittipaldi, Editor-In-Cheif

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On September 7, 2016 Apple held their annual fall press conference to reveal their exciting new products and features coming to stores. In addition to the all new iPhone 7, Airpods, and Series 2 Apple Watches, CEO Tim Cook announced a brand new software update coming to Iphone users across the globe. While most were excited about the new products, iOS 10 provoked mixed reviews out of millions of Apple users.

All month, students here at haverford have been debating whether or not they should update their phones to iOS 10 and even go as far as buying the new iPhone. When asked about her recent iPhone purchase, sophomore Shobiga Kannan said “I was nervous at first. I had downloaded iOS 10 onto my old iPhone 6S and it had some glitches. I decided to go ahead and get a new phone anyway, hoping it would be better. Once I started using iOS 10 on my brand new phone I started to love it! The iPhone 7 and iOS 10 go hand in hand with each other”. Although Shobiga learned to love the update, other students that decided not to get the new iPhone had different views. Rachel Boyce, a Junior, felt very annoyed after updating her phone. “I updated as soon as I was able to. I usually am very happy when Apple adds new features to their phones. After the update was complete my phone had a very hard time sending messages. At first I figured it was just my service, but they would not even send over wifi. I later found out that their was a bug in iOS 10’s new messaging app. Before the bug fixes came out I had to frequently reset my phone to send messages, which got annoying. I did enjoy all the new features though!”.

Whether the students at Haverford like to admit it or not, we all are suckers for new technology. Almost every September the school is filled with rumors about new Apple products and hopes that our parents will allow us to get a new phone. Even after being let down from certain aspects of the new update, most students remain loyal to Apple and their products.


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