Album Review: Haim’s “Days are Gone”

Trio impresses with melodies and musicianship

Michael Flores

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Released on Polydor Records, the L.A sister-trio Haim’s first full-length debut, Days Are Gone, justifies the hype the three musicians—Danielle, Este, and Alana Haim—have been receiving since they first began to release singles in October of 2012.

The sisters started in the music business at a young age, performing covers in a family band with their parents while still attending school. Prior to releasing their debut album on September 27,  the band released several singles (all of which appear on the new release), plus an EP, “Forever,” released in July of 2012.

The band’s infectious blend of R&B, vocal harmony, and Fleetwood Mac-esque composition has been drawing enthusiastic fans, including Jay-Z, who signed the trio to his Roc Nation management team and included them on this summer’s Made in America festival lineup.

The band balances sultry indie-pop—see album opener “Falling”—with straight-forward, girl-group rock (“The Wire”). Danielle, Este, and Alana effortlessly trade vocal parts, often harmonizing with one another, and display impressive instrumental abilities on guitar, bass, and percussion.

Haim’s influences are clear: “Don’t Save Me” could pass for a Stevie Nicks track, and any number of songs are reminiscent of 90’s-era Celine Dion, yet Haim is able to reinvent these sounds with modern synths and rock star spunk.

Days Are Gone deals with themes of love, loss, and independence. In the standout track “Honey and I”, lead singer Danielle Haim declares “…love wasn’t what I thought it once was” over a bouncy lead guitar and percussion.

Haim has spent the past summer rocking major festivals including Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Firefly and the aforementioned Made in America, without the support of a major debut. Days are Gone is excellent; it sets the stage for Haim’s success, and is a must-listen for any fan of classic rock looking for a new take on the genre.

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